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Tag, I’m it!

I got tagged in a meme by Anna Hill, which I’m most grateful for, not only for the hopefully increased traffic to my website, but also because I’m currently sick in bed with a cold, and this allows me to distract myself with something. Basically, the idea is to share 6 things that people don’t necessarily know about me, and then to tag 6 other people for them to share as well.

1. I’m a second-generation PK (Preacher’s Kid)

When I was born, both my parents were active Church of Christ Ministers, and currently my dad is an ordained Anglican Priest, and my mum is an Anglican deacon. But my dad’s dad is also a retired Church of Christ minister. Many people ask me when they find that out if I have any inclination towards priesthood, but I don’t. Music is my love, my passion, and while I’m happy to help out with music at church, I’m trying to stay away from anything ordained.

2. I have a collection of Phantom comics

I started getting into the Phantom sometime in High School. Can’t remember when exactly anymore, but I absolutely love them. I love the stories that are told, and especially love the Historical Phantom stories where they place an earlier Phantom into an actual historical event. While I’ve stopped collecting them for the time being, I do still have a large number, and eventually would like to start back up again, with an aim of collecting all the stories (I’m not fussed about originals or replicas, I’d just like to have the stories).

3. I play more than just the violin.

I’m sure that’s not a great surprise to many, but I thought I’d list the instruments that I can kinda play. Piano (though I kinda play it like a guitar – ie. chords – I am starting to be able to play the melody as well), Ukulele, Drums, bass guitar, viola, vocals. I’d like to be able to play the guitar, but I can’t get my mind around 6 strings.

4. I’m a gamer.

Though, not a very good one, I do enjoy playing games, and have a group of mates that every now and then we get together to put a LAN night on. My preferred games are RTS (Real Time Strategy) such as Warcraft 3, Command and Conquer, and currently Supreme Commander, though I don’t mind FPS (First Person Shooters) such as Unreal Tournament 2004, and UT3 (which I’ve only just recently got, so need to learn how to play it.)

5. I’m Sporty

Though not great, I do enjoy sports, both playing and watching. Watching I’ll pretty much watch anything, though my loves are AFL, Rugby Union (so much better than League) and Cricket. Playing, I’m into Basketball, which I play regularly with my D division team “Team Victory”; and I do enjoy the occasional game of Golf with my mates. I’m also a bit of a Gym Junkie, having recently been attending the gym to try and lose weight, and tone up a bit.

6. I’m diverse in my music interests

It wouldn’t surprise many to know that I love classical music, my favourite composers being Bach, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Mahler and Dvorak. However, I’m also into jazz, especially Stephane Grappelli, and punky stuff, especially Ska. My favourite bands are Sounds like Chicken and Reel Big Fish, but I’m happy with anything happy and brassy.

So there’s 6, now for the tagging.

First of all, I’m tagging Mel, one of my classical guitar friends from waapa.

Seondly, Chris, over at A Churchless Faith. Chris was someone I met at High school, running a christian group at lunchtimes. Now off doing other things, his blog often raises very interesting issues.

Third is earthmotherwithin, aka, mum. She’s taking this whole internet thing really well. First she got involved in a discussion board, then started a blog, and now we’ve even got her onto facebook!

Coming in at number 4 is The Wondering Pilgrim. He took up the position as minister at the Wembley Downs Church of Christ, where I spent much of my youth, when my parents decided to move on. Our whole family has always been warmly welcomed back whenever we go there, and this blog is full of interesting material.

Fifth is Patty at Oboeinsight. I enjoy following her blogs about her performances and thoughts on classical music. Plus, Oboe players are a rare breed and deserve our respect.

Finally, The Vanguard, aka my sister. I was going to tag someone else, but their site has since dissappeared, so my sister gets the gong.

Tags! You’re it!

0 thoughts on “Tag, I’m it!

  1. Hi Ben,
    Well done, you did it! An interesting post and nice tags!
    I look forward to hearing about it if you ever manage to cope with the six strings of a guitar!!
    Get well soon,

  2. Great site Ben and an interesting idea – thanks for the mention. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  3. Hmm. Jessica Duchen had tagged me on the 29th. If you tagged me on the 30th does that mean I’m supposed to “play’ again? I’m thinking not. But thanks for thinking of me! I’m flattered!

    I did, of course, think of other embarrassing and humiliating things I could have told people. But just how much should I sink in humility, I wonder? After today’s horrible practice session (only in my private studio with no one home, thank God) maybe I should skip it! 🙂

    My dad went to seminary, but wound up being a middle school teacher. Having heard him preach once, I’d say he made the right choice. He was a darn good hymn leader, though, back in the days when we sang hymns and someone conducted.

    Ahhh … memories!

  4. Welcome Patty,
    Of course you don’t need to play twice. I hadn’t realised that Jessica had tagged you until after I had done mine. Song leaders are still something that happens. We have a few in our church – when they’re not singing, it’s hard to tell whether anyone’s singing. But when they do sing, the congregation does sound strong!

  5. Eeep! Now I have to sit down and think about 6 things….

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