On This Day… October 26

Today we look at a composer who, though classified in the Baroque period, did much to influence the the Classical style. Domenico Scarlatti, born on this day in 1685.

Son of Alessandro Scarlatti, he most likely studied under his father, as well as possibly receiving early tuition from composers such as Gaetano Greco, Francesco Gasparini and Bernado Pasquini. A composer of opera and keyboard works, the vast majority of his collection remained unpublished during his lifetime. His 555 keyboard works are almost entirely written for the harpsichord, and are almost all single movement, binary form compositions. His music is influenced by the Iberian (Spain and Portugal) folk music, particularly with the use of the Phrygian mode.

Today, performances of two of his Keyboard sonatas, K. 96 in D Major, and K. 62 in A.

Have you got a favourite Scarlatti? Heard any rocking performances of his works? Let me know in the comments, or write your own blog post linking back here and I’ll add a link below.

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