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On This Day – January 3

Continuing on in the Opera tradition, today we look at an opera buffa or comic opera. One of the last operas composed by this composer, it returns to the stock characters of the commedia dell’arte. Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, premiered on this day in 1843.

Ernesto, Don Pasquale’s nephew, is in love with Norina, a youthful widow, and has refused to marry a “more suitable” woman chosen by his uncle. Don Pasquale decides indead to wed and produce his own heirs. Dr Malatesta, his physician, suggests his sister, Soforina. Norina disguises herself as Soforina and signs a marriage contract before a fake notary. After the wedding, Norina makes life so miserable for Pasquale that he is relieved to discover he has been duped. Everything works out well as Pasquale rejects his desire for marriage, and consents to the union of Ernesto and Norina.

Again, we return to San Diego Opera Talk!’s Nick Reveles to share more about this opera with us.

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