A Week in the Life – Monday

I thought that I’d do a little bit of blogging, and just write about what I’m up to these days. This week, I’ll post a short blog outlining what I got up to this week. Then at the end of it, I’ll review, and see if I could have done anything better, what I’ll try to do differently next week, and such things.

Today, I had a bit of a lazy day. After getting to bed at a decent time, I woke up in the morning, had a glass of juice and a coffee, then went back to sleep until 9. I went out to have breakfast, watched an episode of Stargate, and thought about what I wanted to be doing today. Admin day today – after checking for payments, I printed off some invoices that I had to mail out, and then realised that I needed envelopes (somehow we’d run out at home). So a trip to the shops for some envelopes and stamps took me up to lunchtime.

Had my students arriving from 2.30, and had a few good lessons. I’m really happy with how my studio is developing, and I’m really happy with the range of students. There’s still a bit more that I’d like to be able to do, but at the moment it’s a good balance between teaching and admin (that is – more teaching, less admin). Then my girlfriend arrived after her day of work (hehe, I love that I can have a day of “work” that is done mostly in my pj’s), and we had dinner with my parents and chatted until I had to get ready for basketball.

Was a good tight game tonight, we ended up drawing 27-27. We’ve lost a few strong members of our team for various things, so we did well to play asĀ  we did. Now I’m here, writing this blog, thinking it’s probably high time I went to bed.

Highlights for tomorrow are work and a Chrysalis board meeting. Should be good.

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  1. You dont realise how intense my envy is taht your day of “work” as u call it :p lets you stay in your pjs!!!!
    I love pjs!
    If i could get away with it, id so wear em to work….. hmmm, mayeb i should try that!!
    u suuuuuuk! hehehe,

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