A Week in the Life – Tuesday

At work today, which is my “regular” job – Admin/IT work at the Council of Churches of WA. I run the website and e-mail newsletter, as well as whatever other admin work comes my way. At the moment, we’re getting ready for the AGM, so there’s a bit of work involved with checking attendances, getting reports ready etc etc. Today wasn’t too bad – it was constant work but not overly busy.

After I finished – only a half day, finished at 1pm – I headed off to the shops to deposit a cheque and to buy some clothes. Got some cheap towels that I’m going to use as sweat towels. Now I need to get myself back into heading off to the gym.

Bit of gaming in the afternoon – I’m trying to give myself about an hour a day where I can to game. It’s something I enjoy, and often go to LAN’s with mates, and figure that if I’m going to be spending money on these games, I should probably play them inbetween LAN’s. Hey, I might even start getting better!!

This evening entailed a board meeting for Chrysalis, which is a non-denominational christian youth retreat that I’ve been involved in over the past few years. I’ve just taken up a role on the board, and am still finding my feet and what I need to do. Tonight was the first meeting that I’ve managed to get to, and we had some good discussion about various issues we’re facing, and possible solutions. And I’m starting to get an understanding of what my role is. It’ll take some time for me to settle in, but I think i’m going to do alright, I’ve got some interesting and exciting ideas.

And now, I think I’ll turn on the cricket, play Peggle for half an hour, then get some sleep. Work tomorrow morning, with some teaching in the afternoon.

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