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A week in the Life – Wednesday

Work again today. But unfortunately, on my way there I got picked up for speeding. Now this is odd, as my beautiful girlfriend calls me a “Grandpa” driver, because I always do the speed limit. So how’d I get pulled up? School Zones. Now I admit, I was in the wrong. I hadn’t seen the signs, and as such, believed that I was doing the speed limit, but I should’ve been paying more attention. School Zones are there to ensure the kids are safe, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I’d killed someone for going that fast. So while I don’t like it, and I’ll have to rework my budget for a little while, I’ll take the fine.

Meeting at work today, team meeting, making sure that we can all work together as a team. It’s tough when we work different days, not sure of everyone’s role, so it was good to clear that up. Other than that, bit of work on various stuff, including fixing a laptop that was not recognising USB devices. That was fun.

Came home for a bit of relaxation before teaching, and a bit of watching some NBA clips on youtube. Then my dearest girlfriend came over to discuss a bit of stuff. It’s so wonderful having her, because we’re both passionate about our faith, and we make time to pray together. Today, it was specifically about some issues that have come up in our lives, but we also make sure to do it when we don’t have those troubles and everything is just peachy. It’s lovely to be able to trust someone so much to share all your worries, your misgivings and more with, and then to be able to offer them up to God for help.

Tomorrow, normally I would have work but that was moved to this morning, so a bit of a lazy day. I should try and get to the doctors – been avoiding that, and need to get back to the Gym. Teaching in the afternoon, and dinner with my gorgeous girlfriend’s nanna and pop. Should be a good day. But now, I think I have some time to waste with God, read a few chapters of the books I’m working through.

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  1. its because dear… you ARE a grandpa driver!!!
    and this fine doesnt change that!! hhehheheheh
    but its ok.. to be a grandpa and have a 19 yr old, who in this blog you’ve made sound wonderful as your girlfriend :p
    It all works out ok in the end heheh

    ahh i love prayin with you too, i love talking with you, and being with u.. i guess i just love u! 🙂

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