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Wasting time with God

As part of my work, I have to upload the fortnightly e-mail newsletter. The text gets sent to me, but I have to do a bit of formatting to make it look good. In our latest edition, one heading grabbed my attention – “St George’s Cathedral invites you to waste time with God.” A series of events at the Anglican Cathedral in Perth, inviting you to come and explore spirituality. I attended one just recently, a talk on Spirituality and music. Most fascinating stuff, however, I’m finding that the style of worship that appeals to me and enhances my soul, is no longer in the anglican tradition that I am familiar with, so as such I probably won’t attend many sessions unless the title really interests me.

But this idea of “Wasting time with God” really caught me. What a wonderful idea! I’m guessing that if you’re like me, sometimes you really want to just waste some time. It might be finding something to do instead of watching tv, or my personal favourite, spending time on Facebook. You might have a few minutes before you need to leave home for school but not enough time to get anything done. You might just need a break from whatever it is that you were doing. We all need these breaks that allow us to “waste time”. Often we’ll go to things like Facebook, twitter, or other things. How wonderful it would be to make a conscious decision that instead of wasting time on things like Facebook, you instead decided to waste time with God?

Got 1 minute? Say a prayer about something on your mind, or thanking God for a wonderful day, or thanking him that you can talk to him any time of the day. Got 5 minutes? Read through a Psalm, or choose a verse from Proverbs and see how it may relate to your life. Got longer? Read through a chapter from one of the books of the bible. I’ve recently decided that I want to make a concerted effort to read the bible, not just in my daily devotions, but actually reading a book of the bible from beginning to end. It’s a lot different to getting the readings in my devotional, where you just get bits and pieces. By reading all the way through, you get some context to what you’re reading which is awesome.

Anyway, if we start spending our wasted time with God, surely our lives will start to improve, as we live and learn in Christ, it can only be a good thing to waste time with God.

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