A Week in the Life – Thursday

Thanks to not having to work today, I enjoyed a lazyish morning. I watched a couple of Stargate episodes, then after lunch, did some work on my budget. While I had the cash to be able to cover my speeding fine, I decided that I really should try and recover the money if I could. So I decided that taking a bit of money from my various cash spendings each  month (things like Discretionary, fuel and clothes) then I could slowly (over 10 months) save up the money spent on the fine and also membership to the youth orchestra.

After I’d figured that all out, I went to pay the fine, do some banking, and pick up a couple of books for one of my students. There’s three music stores in Perth that are worth visiting – Zeniths, Theo’s and Tempest music. I rarely go to Tempest, as it’s south of the river, and not in my usual driving range, and often is more expensive than the other two. Zeniths is where I prefer to go, as it’s a bit easier to find what you’re looking for, but Theo’s often has better prices. Bit of a toss up really. Today, I had to visit both Zeniths and Theos, as Zeniths didn’t have one book, and thankfully, Theos did (and didn’t have the book I got at Zeniths).

Then some teaching, a few lessons, and then had dinner with my wonderful girlfriend’s Nanna and Pop. They are the most awesome old people, so it was awesome to spend some time with them and hear a few of their stories. After dinner, my gorgeous girlfriend dragged me shopping (I allowed myself to be dragged quite willingly hehe) to go shopping with her for youth group tomorrow. Gross Games. I’m not quite sure what I’ve got coming for me tomorrow, but it shall be interesting to say the least.

So, for tomorrow – Teaching all day from 830 to 430, then youth group at night. Now, want to write another post, reflecting on a news article I just read, then a bit of reading then sleep. Watch for a new post shortly.

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