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Being Perfect

I’ve recently been stressing over a major decision that I will share shortly. I know the decision is the right one, it’s just how I do it – I want it to be perfect. I’ve received advice from a large number of people, often conflicting opinions, and that made me double guess myself, made me start to rethink and wonder whether the decision was the right one.
On my way to work today I discovered/realised in my thoughts that what others think doesn’t mater. Whatever I do, however I do it, will be perfect for that occasion. And while we might consider things that might have gone better, we can’t change the past, and if we accept that it was perfect as it was, then it is much better for our mental health.

For example, I switched schools at the end of year 10, receiving a music scholarship to another school. I didn’t exactly fit in there, was teased, and went through feelings that, if they had been diagnosed, would be very close to depression. There have been times where I wished I hadn’t changed schools, that I had stayed and received 1-on-1 TEE music Tuition. However, looking back now, if I had a chance to do things over again, to do things differently – I wouldn’t. While I had that really tough time in year 11 and 12, it helped me discover things about myself that have made me who I am today. Had I not discovered those things then, I might still be searching for them today.

So I will go with what I think is the way to do it, and it will be the right way for that time. God will help me out, and through him, anything is possible.

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