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I was going through my Google Reader account, clearing out feeds that I no longer read, and I came across a post from ProBlogger that I thought would be a good starter for a post. It’s called 7 links, and you’re asked to provide 7 links to set themes. So here are my links.

  1. Your First Post – My first post on here is one titled The Importance of Something Different. It talks about the importance of having a passion away from your field of work, to allow your mind to have a break.
  2. Post you enjoyed writing the most – I think this would be The On this Day… series of posts, which highlighted an important musical event that happened on that day, for example this post on Belgian Composer Gossec
  3. A post which had a great discussion – The post which has had the most comments is my Pachelbel’s Canon arrangement, which I’m highlighting below, and they are mostly comments thanking me for the arrangement. So instead, the one in which I had great discussion was A Christian Gamer? which had a couple of really good quality comments on the post.
  4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d writtenHow to walk through Steel-Enforced walls. A great post that highlights some of the struggles we face every day. We have our own steel-enforced walls, and we have to find ways to walk through them.
  5. A post with a title you’re proud of“Shoot-em-ups” don’t kill people. People keep claiming that First Person Shooters are games that mass-murderers are likely to play, but that’s a long leap of logic. It’s not the games, it’s other issues in their lives. Don’t blame the games.
  6. A post that you wish more people had readHas Twitter decreased our internet safety. I believe that URL shorteners are a huge security problem that hasn’t fully been looked at. Being able to look at the URL in a status bar is a big part of judging the safety of the link. I think more url services need to add something like the TinyURL preview function, or have Internet Browsers filter shortened URL’s to show the URL they are redirecting to.
  7. Your most visited post evermy arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon for Solo Violin is by far and away my most popular post, having had over 1700 views since I uploaded it, at an average of 108 views per month. I’m very pleased with this arrangement, and glad that so many violinists have been able to get use of it in a variety of situations all across the world.

There we go, 7 links to 7 posts. If you haven’t read them, have a read, there’s some great posts (if I do say so myself.

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