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I say Tomato, you say Potato

Following a graphic (and controversial) sermon on Sunday, I was challenged to find out a bit more about Abortion – a controversial subject, for anyone, let alone Christians. I won’t get into it here, because that’s not what I want to write about. However, I was amused to find these two News articles on a recent study into public opinion on abortions.The first one I found was from The Australian and entitled “Late-term abortion gets OK“. Here’s the first paragraph.

MOST Australians support allowing women to have late-term abortions in at least some circumstances.

Alright, fair enough. But when you read the second paragraph, it paints a fairly different picture.

Research involving more than 1000 Australians has found the vast majority — 87 per cent — support allowing abortion in the first 12 to 13 weeks, comprising 61 per cent who said it should be legal at this stage and a further 26 per cent who would allow it in certain situations. But qualified support persisted even for later stages of pregnancy, with 12 per cent of those polled saying abortion should be permitted in the second trimester and a further 57 per cent under certain conditions.

Only 12% say it’s alright in the second trimester, with 57% saying under certain conditions.

Let’s take a look at how the ABC reported the same story, with the headline “Half of Australians against late-term abortions: study” The first paragraph, for comparison:

Nearly half of Australians asked in a new survey about late-term abortions say they believe it should be illegal.

Given the exact same story, these two reputable news agencies have come up with very different conclusions.

While The Australian did concede that nearly half of Australians believed that abortions in the third trimester should be illegal, it also noted:

an equal proportion was prepared to allow it — 6 per cent without qualification and 42 per cent in set circumstances.

While I’m not comfortable to share my views on this subject here – mostly because I’m still forming them – I find it interesting that two news agencies reported this story with such different angles. For the record, The Australian went with the findings of the MJA report published online, where as from what I could see, the ABC looks to have looked through the report to find the results about the third trimester.

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