Count Your Blessings

At the end of a Songsters rehearsal last night, I was asked from a musical perspective what I think of the Songsters. The Songsters is the Salvation Army choir, and it’s very different to any choir I’ve sung in before. However, there is a wealth of music there that fulfills me Musically, Lyrically and Spiritually.

The Salvation Army Flag (Image via Wikipedia)

Coming out of the Methodist tradition, there is a strong basis in the Salvation Army Songbook in hymns, particularly ones by the giants of the faith, eg. Wesley. But music has always been an important part of the Salvation Army, and as such, there has been strong compositions and arrangements all throughout its history for both Songsters and Band. In the Australian Southern Territory, ambassadors such as Phil Laeger, Ken Waterworth and Brian Hogg are taking us forward with progressive arrangements and compositions.

I want to share three clips from YouTube of three different Songster Choirs, and I believe that these three clips greatly show the diversity of music that is available to the Songsters. This first song is a great song entitled “Count Your Blessings” and has a Rag-time feel to the piano part.

This Second one is a performance by the Sydney Staff Songsters, and is a performance of Chris Tomlin’s Arrangement of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Finally, here is the Bristol Easton Songsters singing the Magnificat, which is a beautiful example of modern Choral writing. Here the choir have exceptional tone, and it is just a superb performance.

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