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Golf Week 2

The strangest thing happened this week. My wife told me to go play golf on Friday. Her friend’s boyfriend was looking to play a round at Marangaroo, and I was only looking to do some practice so I hadn’t responded, but my dearest wife managed to convince me otherwise.

I popped out to the driving range at Marangaroo before my round, and started my practice just as last week. Having to put a tee down each time quickly got annoying (compared with the automatic range at Wembley) but I survived. Was hitting a number fairly straight, but there were still a large number of hits going all over the place.

My round was a lot better than a fortnight ago. First of all, I shot 66 compared with 71, saving 5 shots over the round. The big improvement was in my putting – I managed to two putt or less on all bar one hole, so that my average number of putts was less than two. That goes a big way to saving shots over the course.

However, my shots were still all over the place – not once did I hit the fairway from the tee. So that’s something that I’ll need to work on. But overall I’m very happy with how I played, but I just need to keep going on the improvement areas.

I think I’ll start trying to get out on the course every fortnight, so that I can see how my practice is actually going.

Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year,

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