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Stressed? Stressed?!?

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Thankfully, I’m not someone who gets stressed out very often. I’m fairly relaxed in my disposition, so things that might stress other people out don’t generally stress me out. I just go with the flow.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been stressed out before. The 6 month period at the beginning of last year when I was searching for a job was particularly stressful. Getting constant rejections, running out of time before my wedding, and more, it got very stressed.

I also got stressed towards the end of this year as I started to work on the directory for the Uniting Church. Having never done anything like this before, and knowing it was such a big project, it was getting me stressed out as to whether I would have enough time to get it done. I even chose to take the train for a work trip to Kalgoorlie that I have coming up, so that I could have an extra 14 hours to work on it. However, once I actually started working on getting the layout done, and working in access, I got it working fine in no time and am now trying to figure out what I’m going to do on my 14 hour return train ride.

So am I stressed right now? No – because I’ve just finished a nice little break, and go back to work today (for a day, then a three-day weekend). Are you stressed? What’s some of your techniques for dealing with stress?

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  1. In case you haven’t already gone to Kal, don’t wear thongs on the train (trust me, my feet were really painfully swollen for 2 days, and I hadn’t been sitting down the whole time… Admittedly that was to Adelaide though).

    Additionally, bring multiple pillows. The seats are not easy to sleep on. I took the train to Adelaide with 4 others and I think we only managed 8 hours sleep between the 5 of us. Tempers ran high!

    1. Thanks for the advice Isha. I’m actually not planning on sleeping, as I’m travelling both ways during the day. I originally chose the train in order to give myself some extra hours working on a project that I thought would take me until March to complete, but it’s almost finished now. So I’ll either be working on some personal projects, or playing a game.
      And I’ve never been a fan of thongs (until I found a comfortable, but slippery, pair in singapore) but no I’ll wear shoes.

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