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Snow? What Snow?

Taken in Megeve, France
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The topic for The Daily Post today is “How do you keep yourself entertained when snowed in?” Well, living in Perth, I have never seen any snow. In fact, I’m not certain but I think Perth has never had any snow since it was founded. Australia doesn’t get much snow – we have some ski resorts in the Blue Mountains, and Tasmania gets snow sometimes, but never enough to be snowed in.

I had a small glimmer of hope that when I went to Hong Kong it might be cold enough to get some snow. It was cold alright – our first day we went to a theme park, and everyone rushed to buy very expensive beanies because we were freezing – but we didn’t get any snow.

So how would I keep myself entertained in the rare situation that I did get snowed in. Well, if it was just me, I have a large collection of computer games that I could play through. Playing through NBA 2k11 at the moment and loving it. Need to get back into Starcraft 2 though. But if my wife was here with me, well we’ve got board games which would be able to keep us entertained, and then we could also watch through the few series that we’ve got on dvd – we’re watching Friends at the moment after Liesl got the box set for Christmas, but then we’ve also got Will and Grace, M*A*S*H, Star Trek the Original Series, I have a couple of seasons of The Next Generation (if anyone wants gift ideas, seasons 3+ of TNG would be greatly appreciated), Big Bang Theory, and I’ve got a box set of all the Gilbert and Sullivan musicals which would take up a fair bit of time as well.

So all up, in the unlikely circumstance that we did get snowed in, I think we would be able to be sufficiently entertained.

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  1. Seems like you have plenty to keep you busy. BTW you forgot the Victorian Alps -they get snow each year, and of course dear old Bluff Knoll gets a little dusting on its craggy cap for a few hours each winter.

  2. If you get enough snow, to be snowed in, in Perth I think the weathermen will be panicking! Thanks for the link šŸ˜€

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