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Secret Confession

I want to share something with you that some people may find embarrassing. It’s something that is deeply embarrassing…Hehe, perfect execution of sucking you in. I’m sorry. I’m not really going to share something really embarrassing. Just something about my secret pleasure. I really love watching Wrestling. Not the Greco-Roman stuff that you only ever see once in four years at the olympics. I’m talking about the Professional, soap-opera-for-blokes wrestling.

I first got into wrestling back when I was in High School, catching the WWE on tv. I loved Ray Misterio Jr, Kane and The undertaker, and most of all, Stone Cold Steve Austin. It died for a little while, when the lack of coverage on free to air tv. And then last year, I discovered TNA on One HD. This was awesome because they had all the classic wrestlers from my first period there. And now, WWE is back, on One HD. I don’t catch it all the time, but every now and then, when I get a spare minute I don’t mind watching it. Kind of a guilty pleasure I guess.

Have you got a guilty pleasure?

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  1. I responded earlier that i couldn’t read your reply to my post and i found it on yours site. Great site I think it is great to be wrestleing don’t stop. I like the ultimate fighitng challenges. It is fun to have company and make dinner and watch it.

    Have a great day and wrestle down!

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