Marriage advice from women

Little Black Dress
A Little black dress never goes astray (Image by dragon762w (trying to catch up) via Flickr)

At our engagement party, we had two sheets, for marriage advice from men and women. I’m not certain where the advice from men went (maybe my wife hid it… just kidding), but here’s the advice we received from women.

  • The wife is ALWAYS right.
    • Always remind him of that ^^^
  • Give him breakfast in bed
  • Never use sex as a bargaining tool.
  • Once you got him he ain’t gonna change bad habits… or good ones either… we hope
  • Don’t touch the tool box
  • A LBD (Little black dress) never goes astray
  • The laundry basket is where the dirty clothes go. The wardrobe is where the clothes go. Don’t mix ’em up!
  • Forgive MUCH and never go to bed angry
  • Don’t listen to him. Women are right.
  • Utility bills go in his name. Credit cards go in hers.
  • Visa cards are a girls best friend but not when you have to pay for them so get him to do it!! Every girl needs retail therapy.
  • Don’t let your husband touch a tool box
  • Remember to treat the extreme highs & lows of marriage with the attitude of “it will pass” and love bears all things.

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