Over my life so far, I have had the opportunity to make friends in very different situations. From the various primary schools, high schools, university, church and now work, I’ve got lots of friends. My Facebook (which is the way to show how many friends you have) has 620 friends, and I am proud to say that I have a personal connection with most of them. There’s a couple that I’ve only met online (mostly through my time on, which I was a regular for a number of years), but most of them I have met in one form or another through my life.

I’m also glad that through all these different places, I still keep in touch with a number of my friends. There are some that were friends for a while, but we’ve since lost touch. For example, one of my first mates from Pre Primary I now no longer see or really talk to, while I’ve renewed a friendship just recently with another primary school friend after moving close to him.

But there have also been those that are in the close group of friends that I see regularly. Since meeting these guys at church from around when I was in year 8, we’ve been close ever since. When they got their licences when I was in year 10, weekends would often end up with them coming around and us going for a random drive somewhere. I remember driving all over Perth with these guys delivering invitations because we thought it would be cheaper. It was memorable especially after coming down a steep hill and our driver poured stale coke on the brakes to cool them down. Wasn’t a great idea, but those brakes had fantastic grip for years to come.

See, friends aren’t just those guys you hang out with regularly. Friends are the ones who are there when memories are made. Friends are the guys who make the memories. Friends are not the guys who bail you out when you get in trouble, there the ones who are sitting there saying “Well, this sucks, but it was so totally worth it!”

To all my friends, big and small, who have made an impact on my life over the years, thanks. You’re totally awesome.

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