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Go You Big Red Fire Engine!

Lotterywest Skyworks, Applecross, Western Aust...
Perth's Skyworks - Firework display celebrating Australia Day (Image via Wikipedia)

In honour of today being Australia Day, and today’s Daily Post topic being Who are the three funniest people in the world, I’m going to share with you my favourite three Australian comedians.

Firstly, Wil Anderson, whom I first got to know from his time in breakfast radio on Triple J. Ahh, the golden years of JJJ breakfast. It has never been as good since. But anyway. Wil’s gone on to do awesome stuff. He was the host of The Glass House – one of the most awesome shows on TV at the time, and also host of The Gruen Transfer – also an awesome TV show. Here’s one of my favourite clips from The Glass House, from their live show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. This one features Aussie Dave Hughes and Irishman Jason Byrne.

And Wil doing some of his stand up routine

Next up,¬† Tripod. This musical comedy trio embrace the side of life that is most dear to mine: Geekism. These guys are hilarious. A must see act. They’re doing a comedy Musical here in Perth soon called Tripod vs the dragon. I want to see it.

That was “Hot girl in the comic shop” which is one that they got to shoot a video clip of (but this is their live version as seen on The Side Show). This next one is one that was performed on The Melbourne International Comedy Festival a number of years ago, but be warned, it contains some minor language.

Finally, my favourite Australian Comedian: Adam Hills. From his incredible work on Spicks and Specks, my favourite two segments of his, first – explaining the origins of the phrase “Go you big red fire engine!” and the awesome effects that it can have.

And in honour of Australia Day, let’s revamp our National Anthem.

Who’s your favourite Aussie Comedians?

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