I’m stranded on a desert island…

Lakshadweep, comprising tiny low-lying islands...
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Now how did I get into this ridiculous situation? I can’t remember. Must have blacked out. Thankfully however, I have a CD player and one album. What album is it? Thankfully it is an album that will keep me interested for however long I am to be on this island.

It’s a fine album of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin. These compositions would keep me entranced for hours, days, even a life time. One of my lecturers once said that you could spend a lifetime studying Bach alone, and still have not scratched the surface of his music, let alone the music of all the other great composers.

So I’m going to leave you with a beautiful performance of Bach’s E Major Partita performed by Nathan Milstein.

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One Reply to “I’m stranded on a desert island…”

  1. I suppose that some nice classical music like this would be helpful in soothing your nerves, so you wouldn’t be too scared thinking about that fact that you were somehow stranded on a desert island.

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