For the first time

Super Pit gold mine at Kalgoorlie in Western A...
Will I see the Super Pit this weekend? (Image via Wikipedia)

I’m writing this post almost a week before it gets posted. The reason being is that I’m travelling to Kalgoorlie this weekend to teach the congregation up there how to use their website. This is a few firsts for me. This will be my first time in Kalgoorlie, and is also my first trip for work. I’m looking forward to seeing Kalgoorlie for the first time. Having lived in Perth for such a long time and not left the state, I developed a keen fascination in seeing things for the first time.

For example, December 2009 I left the country for the first time, and went to Singapore and Hong Kong for the first time. It was incredible from simple things such as seeing the inside of an aeroplane for the first time to seeing the massive hills surrounding Hong Kong. The incredible modern architecture in Singapore to attending a Salvation Army service held entirely in a language other than english.

Seeing things for the first time is often underrated, because you can never un-see something, it’s an opportunity you only get once. It’s something that I will certainly relish this weekend. I don’t know what’s planned, whether I’ll see things like the Super Pit or not, but whatever happens, I will certainly look forward to it.

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