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My Dream Job

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I’d have to say that I’m doing pretty well at the moment. I’ve got three very different jobs that allow me to explore my passions. Firstly, a violin teacher, secondly a “computer whiz.” I think I’ve done very well in managing to get three great jobs that I love.

But if I were to pick a dream job, that would be a little more difficult. Mainly because I don’t think that my dream job would actually exist.

See, I would love to be able to go to different Churches and help out their worship groups. To be able to have some solid time to take a look at where they are, where they want to be, and set out a path on how to get there. Music speaks to the soul, and worship lifts our souls to God, so we should always endeavour to give him our very best. If I could help other congregations improve their worship, I think it would amazing.

Also, being able to spend time writing, recording, videoing and arranging worship songs would be great.

Now as you can see, this job is very much a dream job as I don’t think that there’s anyone who would be willing to pay anyone for such a job as this, so I think I’ll just continue doing my jobs until it’s time to move on.

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