Pitching in (even when I don’t know what I’m doing)

I’ve had a fun couple of days at work so far this week. I’ve been involved in doing tasks and using programs that I really have no experience in using.

Yesterday, I was involved in uploading a Community Service advertisement to be distributed to the various TV stations for Pancake Day. We discovered in the uploading process that we really knew nothing about what was needed to be done. We needed a clapper board. The ad was too long. The audio started in the wrong spot. The first frame marker was too far ahead of the first frame. Through some googling and playing around and trying things out in Premiere Pro, I eventually got it uploaded with everything that I needed. Until I discovered that the exporting process meant that the titles were no longer in the safe area for 4:3. I still have no idea how I should have fixed it, but either way, it’s uploaded, and will be on TV stations in the next couple of days.

Today, with our print designer away, it fell to me to put together the fortnightly printed edition of our newsletter, and also do some work on our quarterly (soon to be bi-monthly) magazine, this time using InDesign – another program that I have very little experience in. Using my trusty friend, Google, I eventually discovered how to do what I needed done, and am now just waiting for the printer to be fixed so that I can figure out how to print it.

Being part of this team means that it doesn’t matter who’s there, if a publication needs to be published, then someone steps up and gets it done, even if they don’t really know what they’re doing.

There are probably a few people you know like this. My mind goes to many people who I know in the Church. They’ll chip in and do stuff, even when they don’t really know how to do it. You learn quickly, and you do what you can, in order to get the job done. I feel more people should be willing to do this – because while you may not know how to do something, you’ll never know how unless you give it a try.

How can you pitch in today?

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