All the gear, no idea

I went to the Metro meeting this evening, and heard our new Divisional Secretary speak. I must say that I feel sorry for the Corps they came from, and the new officers there, as he spoke very well, and seems like a very hard act to follow.
But he started the sermon off with sharing a conversation he had with the Territorial Commander, which when asked how he was settling into the new role he responded saying, “Got all the gear, no idea.”
It got me thinking, how many things do we have all the gear, but really have no idea about?
I’ve got a few things I can think of. My guitar is one. I’ve got an ok acoustic, though I wouldn’t mind upgrading, a decent electric, though I’ve always got my eye on one a bit better. I have the picks, straps, cables and more. I even have a very expensive pedal board that I’m sure I’m not using to it’s full extent. However, when it comes to playing guitar I know very little. Sure I can play chords, but I can’t play any lead lines. I really have no idea.
Golf likewise is something where I have all the gear but no real idea when it comes to it.
The big question is, accepting our areas of no idea about some things, what do we do about it?
What do you have all the gear for, but have no idea about?

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