The death of multiculturalism

Julia Gillard
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Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, finally bowed to the pressure from Talk Back radio shock jocks, and their outraged listeners and callers, and declared that multiculturalism was dead, and all immigrants were to return to their home country. There was much rejoicing in the streets.

The government laid down a plan, and the first people to leave were those from Afghanistan and Iraq. “These countries are now safe, and will embrace those returning.” We never heard from them again, so we assumed that they had settled back into their society.

Next were those from Africa, the Sudanese, Ethiopians and more. “With the creation of South Sudan, it is now a safe place to be.” Again, we never heard from them, so they must have been enjoying themselves.

The Vietnamese were next, “The war has long since ended, and all of Asia is now safe for people to return home.” People from Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Tibet, Korea, they were all given their ticket home.

We first started to notice that restaurants were shutting down. The little Indian place near my house was the first to go. Then my favourite Thai place. Cambridge International Food Court was nowhere near the same, with only the carvery operating there.

China wasn’t pleased with our decision, as they were struggling as it was, but we sent the Chinese back, because they were, after all, Immigrants. Even those that had been here since the Gold Rush.

We then started sending the Europeans and Americans home. Italians, Germans, French, Americans. We wondered why all our favourite places were no longer any good. Our Mining Companies and Oil Giants shut down, having no-one to keep them going.

All the English were next on the list. Immigrants all of them, for their families were all from overseas. Julia Gillard, speaking from her home in Wales, said “This is what we wanted, we as a country have no regrets.”

Finally, those who were first there were asked to return to their homes, after all, the Aboriginals originally came to Australia on boats, even if it was 40,000 years ago.

And at long last, there were no immigrants in Australia. Apart from the animals.

Australia was built on multiculture. From our Aboriginal elders to our “boat people” who have found safety on our land, we are all immigrants. People need to see that all these different peoples make us richer, not poorer. They bring new foods, new thoughts, new skills, none of which can be underestimated. For those fleeing persecution, all they ask for in return is safety. Yes, we support them, but that’s because as Australians, we support one another, no matter where they come from.

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