International Women’s Pancake Day

Yes, it’s International Women’s Pancake Day. What? Oh, sorry, it’s two separate events – International Women’s Day, and Pancake Day. My mistake. Anyway, today is a day to be proud to be a woman, or to be proud of what a woman you know has done.
For example, my mum has done so much in her life. She was a minister, at a time where there was still a lot of stigma against female preachers. She worked hard in the field of ecumenism for a long time, and helped settle many refugee families into better lives in Australia. She most recently has been working on a project that takes business people who have lost their jobs, and trains them in working for the not for profits. Gives them new skills, and gives the not for profits the benefits of having business people working for them.
So this International Women’s Pancake… Sorry, International Women’s Day, I’ll be raising a Pancake for my Mum.

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