Zangief Kid: Bullying and its effects

Zangrief from Street Fighter, who is known for the Spinning Piledriver, similar to the move Casey pulled on his bully. (Image via Wikipedia)

The Zangief Kid is making a big splash. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a video of this school student, Casey, getting bullied at school. He eventually snaps, and drops the bully on his head. He has since been suspended from school.

Now, I want to say right from the outset that I believe Casey’s reaction was most likely justified, but was completely over the top. I in no way condone violence. However, I know how harmful the effects of bullying can be.

When I switched schools at the end of year 10, I didn’t fit into the mould at the new school, and didn’t exactly want to change. I got pretty heavily bullied, including cyber-bullying. It was awful, and there were many times when I wanted to run away, to drop out of school, at times – to die. It was only through support of my friends, family and the teachers that I managed to get through the year. The main light of hope was that I would soon be out of school, and never see any of the bullies ever again.

The effects of bullying stayed with me well past the end of school though. I avoided the school – including the major shopping centre across the road – for years afterwards, afraid of seeing anyone. One day, the chaplain of the school contacted me and asked if I would meet him at the school for a discussion. Of course, he was late (not his fault the assembly ran late), but those few minutes of me waiting there were absolute torture, remembering all those bad memories, afraid that someone would see me and it would all start again. Of course, it didn’t – but it was still an awful feeling.

After that meeting, I was able to start releasing some of the anger that I held towards the school, and during a retreat, I was able to release it all to Jesus, all the pain that I had held in me, all the anger that I had bottled up. I’m a lot better now, but there are still some names that I’d prefer even my friends not to use.

Bullying is awful, and its effects can span a lifetime. This video has brought it into the forefront of our minds. At this time, let’s make a commitment to stop bullying wherever it happens.

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