A little hint goes a long way

On Saturday, I treated myself to a golf lesson. I’ve been playing for a number of years, but had never had a proper lesson. While I did have some good things in my game (eg, my grip) I also had a number of things to correct in my posture.
My teacher got me to change only a couple of things, but that made big changes to my swing. Through practice to make it regular, it should hopefully bring my game down to a lower score.
What I liked about the lesson is that he didn’t make massive changes, only small ones. Bending my knees less, bending more from the waist, lifting up my chin. When we want to make changes in our lives, we often tend to look for the big changes. Problem with that is that we’ll fall off the bandwagon, and get disappointed. Instead, we should look for little changes that will make a big impact on our lives.
For example, one of the little changes I made to help me lose weight was to stop buying soft drinks when I was thirsty. Instead, I’ll have water, cordial, or fruit juice. These aren’t as bad as soft drinks, and it’s just a small change that will have a big effect on my life.
What small changes can you make on your life?

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