Floreat Fete

Well what a busy day it was. Today was our Church Fete, one of the busiest days in our Church’s year. We had plants, handbags, cook books, sausage sizzle, cheap fruit and veg (bananas for $5/kg!), face painting and even a fashion parade!

The youth band played, and apart from some early sound issues with microphones not working, I was really pleased with it. We played a more contemporary set than we would normally play at a youth service, which allowed me to utilise our singers in a different way. I was able to spread some solos around which, I think, was greatly appreciated by the band. Plus, I finally got to play the violin for “Devil went down to Georgia.”

The Church fete is great, because our whole church pitches in and helps out on the day. From some of our youngest members to our oldest members, there’s a job for everyone on the day, and we raise a heap of money. The past couple of years we’ve raised over $10,000.

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