Climate Change… it doesn’t matter who caused it, we must act now.

Climate change, or Global Warming, or whatever you wish to call it, is still a big issue. My friend and fellow Postaday2011 blogger, Wondering Pilgrim, posted on it today, and explained how he felt at a disadvantage when countering skeptics arguments. I wanted to share today the video that made up my mind on this issue. This video was published in 2007. It has since received over 8 million total views.

If you don’t have time to watch it, here’s the basics of it. He makes a chart with 2 option on each axis. Human Induced Climate Change (HICC) is real, HICC is not real on one axis, and We Act, and We Don’t act on the other axis. He takes both possibilities to the extremes, and comes out with saying the only choice, that we must act.

We must make a significant investment in clean and renewable energy. I make the point of a difference between clean and renewable, as Nuclear (both Uranium and Thorium) is just the same as Coal. It’s a finite resource. We will eventually mine all of the nuclear material, just as we’re close to mining all of the coal. In that sense, we must make significant investment in renewable energy. Yes, solar panels aren’t at a stage right now where they can power a city. But by combining safe Nuclear power (including finding a safe and clean way to dispose of the waste), we can then buy time to invest in the Solar Panel and other renewable energy solutions to get them to a point where we can run entirely off them.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who or what caused Global Climate Change, we must act now to reduce and remove our impact upon it. There is simply no other option.


  1. Ben,

    Apart from your video, there is not a single reference or authority cited that supports your many assertions.

    In a public forum such as this, this is a serious omission.

    How do you know that anthropogenic CO2 is causing Global Warming? Because someone told you?
    Who told you and what is their reasoning?

    Or do you think that global warming currently claimed is proof that humans are to blame?

    I sincerely think that to preach AGW, as you demonstrate, is an extremely arrogant thing to do, especially as you do not display any foundation for your beliefs.

    Do you know anything about economics? Do you know what the consequences of what you are advocating may do to society?



    1. Roger,
      I am not a scientist, so I don’t have any sources for you. And I would be surprised if anyone thought that my blog was anything other than my thoughts and opinions.

      The whole point of this post – and the video – was that it doesn’t matter if climate change is influenced by Humans or not, the only responsible decision we can make is to make the changes because the consequences if we are wrong are far less damaging than the consequences if we choose not to act, and we are wrong.

  2. “In the end, it doesn’t matter who or what caused Global Climate Change, we must act now to reduce and remove our impact upon it. There is simply no other option.”

    Of course it is OK to express an opinion but the above phrase, among many others in your blog, look like exhortations not statements of opinion to me.



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