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Very Clever Spam

My site at work got a spam comment on one of our posts. In fact, we got two, but one wasn’t really a spam comment. But it set up one of the most interesting methods of spam that I have seen in quite a while.

Spam comments are not generally particularly interesting. In fact, using Akismet, I hardly see any spam comments at all. However, this one used a very clever technique. Here are the two comments in question.

Can you see the spam? It’s difficult, but both comments are actually spam. Obviously, the one by Lea Myers is advertising shoes. It you click the link it takes you there. However, how is the first one spam, you may ask. It’s quite a plain, simple comment that has no links in it, or anything like that. It references the post, and comments about a particular event. Then two days later, Lea comments.

First of all, the post in question is actually from May, 2010, and is referencing an event that is coming up shortly, in May 2011. Now, to me, whenever an old post, that is long off of our front page gets a comment, I’m going to assume first that it’s spam or trolls (we get a few of them). But take a look at the back-end section about these comments.

You’ll see that the two comments, though days apart, come from the exact same IP address. It’s clear to me that the original comment by Katie was setting up Lea’s post to get through the Spam filters. Thankfully, human intuition will still block the comment.

I find it interesting the lengths that some people will go for spam. I wonder how much it actually works.

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  1. I usually think at least someone’s reading the post and highlighting one of my events. A case of whoever’s not against us is for us?? (Can always edit out the link to the shoe ad – hee hee 🙂 ) But your’re right – not much slips past Akismet.

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