My run in with the police

Old Vancouver Police Car during the 2009 Chine...
I wish I had ridden in a car like this! (Image by sillygwailo via Flickr)

This prompt, What did you do to land yourself in the back of a police car?!, is provided by Plinky.

Most people would be surprised to know that I’ve driven in the back of a police car. I’m normally quite a good person, and would never break the law. But one New Year’s eve, I did in fact find myself travelling in the back of a police car.

I was delivering pizzas that night. Great way to spend a New Year’s night, but I needed the money. Parents were away down in Albany, and I didn’t really have much else to do that night. I was driving a 1980 Corolla at the time.

I’d just delivered a pizza, and my car died. I couldn’t get it started at all. Knocked on the place I delivered the pizza to and asked if they could give me a push. Thankfully, I was at the top of a hill. Got the car rolling, and the engine started, but it wouldn’t stay running. Every time I put the clutch in, the car died. No big problem I thought, so long as I can keep moving, I’ll be fine. I had run out of credit on my phone, so couldn’t call for help. I thought if I could make it back to the pizza shop, I could at least get some help to try to figure out what was wrong, or call for help if needed.

Unfortunately, some traffic lights on the way back to the pizza place had other ideas. They changed on me, and I had to stop. While I was pushing my car off the side, and preparing myself for the longish walk back to the shop, A police car pulled up and asked if I wanted some help pushing my car off the road. I graciously accepted, and when he saw that I was working for the pizza shop, offered me a lift back to the shop.

You should have seen the look on my manager’s face when I jumped out the back of the police car. Classic.

Anyway, called up RAC roadside assist, and had to join up to get them to come out. The joining fee came to exactly what I had earned so far in deliveries and tips that night. Got the second driver to drop me off at my car and waited. Ended up being a dead alternator. Was able to get the car going again, but wasn’t able to do the rest of my shift, it was too unreliable. Replaced the alternator the next day and the car kept going right up until I needed to get rid of it.

Have you ever ridden in the back of a police car? What for (if you don’t mind me asking)?

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