Our Dora

Dora likes to do things the human way. While we do have a water bowl for her, she much prefers drinking out of a glass on our bedside table.

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For the past 6 months or so, our house has been graced by the presence of Dora. Dora actually belongs to a lady who lives at Liesl’s work, and as they are not allowed pets there, she had to find somewhere else to look after her. Not being able to find anyone, she was to be put down. When Liesl asked how old she was, and found out she was only two and a half years old, Liesl couldn’t dream of her being put down.

She called me, and I said yes, so we called our rental agent to see if we could have a cat. She was most accepting, and Dora came to live at our place.

The first couple of weeks was tough. We wouldn’t let her outside for fear that she would run away, and she spent a lot of the time “hiding” in the high window in our toilet. However, over time, as she learnt to trust us, she really opened up and let us into her life.

From "The Proverbial Cat" by Sydney Hauser. We used to have this calendar at my parents place, and we agreed with every proverb.

She now is very much a part of our little family, snuggling into us when we’re sick. She’s got this thing where she jumps up on the bed when Liesl is sleeping past 9am, and won’t move until Liesl opens her eyes. We’re sure she’s checking if Liesl is still alive.

She has annoyed us at times, ripping up the carpet right next to the scratching post we had built for her, yelling at (and sometimes attempting to jump through a window) cats that are outside, but we love her still, which is going to make this next part so hard.

We’re moving house, and won’t be able to take Dora with us. My parents have thankfully come to the rescue, and Dora will head to their place, where she will be much-loved, although it will be very hard for us to say goodbye tonight when they pick her up. Thankfully we will still see her, and know that she’s in a home that loves cats, but our home will never be the same. A house is not a home without a cat.

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