The joys of the internet

I love the internet. It has truly made a positive benefit to our lives.

For example, this weekend I was supposed to go to see James Morrison perform a tribute to Louis Armstrong with WASO. However, thanks to my knee surgery, there was no way I would be able to fit into my seat.

So my seat went to my sister, and then the next night I was able to watch the webcast thanks to iiNet. So I still got to listen to the concert (and have better vision than if I was there live).

The other thing I’ve really enjoyed doing on the internet has been streaming the live feed of the Formula 1 races. I enjoy watching these, while Liesl gets bored by them, so I can plug my earphones in and watch on my laptop, while liesl can watch whatever she wants.

TV on the internet has certainly come a long way, and there is now the possibility to watch anything from anywhere at a time that suits you.

1 thought on “The joys of the internet”

  1. I agree. I love the fact that I can find tutorials on just about anything on the internet, that I want to learn to do. So many people are happy to share what they know with others. My sewing is always accompanied by the computer being on, for reference in the difficult bits, or just to download a BBC radio program to listen to whilst I work.

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