My refuge and my shield

“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.”

Psalm 119:114
This Psalm of David is the longest of all of the Psalms, and the longest chapter in the whole Bible. Here, David is saying to the Lord that he finds his refuge and safety in the Lord. When Saul was searching for David, it was the Lord that told him where to Hide, to help protect him physically, and spiritually.

Likewise, we should find our refuge in the Lord. When we are being trialed and tested, we should look towards the Lord, we should put our hope in his word. We should trust in the Lord to hide us, to give us refuge, from the temptations of the world, and to shield our mind and soul from the harmful things that we often come across.

3 thoughts on “My refuge and my shield”

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  2. I always say my morning prayer requests, my meal prayers, and my bedtime thank you prayers to the Lord. When times of trouble and worry come I seek Him again during the day. However, I should seek Him again when there is no stress just to touch bases.

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