The Story of Christmas

This Advent, I’m looking at Christmas Carols and Christmas Songs, to see what light they can shed on the Christmas Story, on Christmas, and on Christ. To start with, this is one of my favourite songs from my childhood.


Tell me the story of Christmas,
Tell me the story of Christmas,
Tell me the story of Christmas,
What would you like to know?

This song is pretty much a basic telling of various parts of the Christmas story. And that itself is a really good thing. It is a great idea to remind ourselves of the story of Christmas each year.

What did the three wise men bring?
Gold Frankincense and myrrh

Why were the Shepherds afraid so?
An angel came and spoke to them

What did the angel tell them?
To you is born this day

Born in the city of David
A Saviour who is Christ the Lord

Glory to God in the Highest
And peace on earth, goodwill to men.

That is the story of Christmas,
That’s all you need to know

Born in the City of David, Christ the Lord. The reason we celebrate Christmas. This Christmas, remember who we celebrate and the reason he came down from heaven.

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