A new year, a new challenge…

Well, it’s 2012. 2011 has ended, and with it a whole heap of changes have been brought about.

We’re in the midst of packing right now – we move to Melbourne in less than two weeks now. The usual routines that we have fallen into will change dramatically, with our new lives being governed by college timetables and expectations. Not only that, but we will be bringing a new child into the world in May – something that will also change our lives dramatically.

So for today, let’s look back on the year that was, and look forward to the year that will be…

I started off the year aiming to write a post each day this year. I didn’t quite get there, writing 186 posts. I wrote some interesting ones, and some not so interesting ones. Maybe if you read my blog this year, you could share your favourite post in the comments below?

In the middle of the year, I went into surgery, to have my Left Anterior Cruciate Ligament fixed. That was a fun experience. I don’t think I ended up telling many people about what happened in hospital, but coming out of the anaesthetic, I was absolutely freezing – they had blankets all over me because I was shivering so much. And then I wasn’t passing urine, and they were getting worried, so they attempted to put in a catheter – 5 times! Eventually the on call urologist (who wasn’t able to get it done himself) ended up sticking a needle through to my bladder to let it out. Not a happy night, and all the nurses the next day felt really sorry for me.

But thankfully, the knee now is doing really well. I’m slowly getting more and more confident in it – bouncing around sometimes, taking stairs 2 at a time instead of step by step, short jogs – it’s feeling great. Come May, I’ll need to go and see a Physio for a “pre-season” strengthening regime, which will get it back to being pretty much as good as new. Theoretically, I should be able to play Basketball again – I don’t know whether I will or not, I haven’t quite decided.

Come the end of the year, I wrote a few posts about Christmas carols, and I think I might continue the trend, and write about a Salvation Army Songbook song each day for this year. I got as a wonderful gift from the Floreat Songsters a Songbook, so I shall certainly be putting that to good use in college next year.

The Salvation Army Training College, Melbourne

As for next year, I’ve already mentioned that we’re moving to Melbourne, and commencing study at the Salvation Army Training College. This is going to be a real challenge, for both of us, but we’re both looking forward to it (though a little bit scared as well). I’ll be writing a bit about my experiences though the year, so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Personally, I’m trying to spend some time each day really studying the bible. I’ve got a devotional commentary that provides some good background information for each reading, and will take me through the bible in a year. I’m also journalling a number of questions on each passage that will hopefully get me thinking critically about the passage, and what it means in relation to itself, the time it was written in, the book that it’s in, and how it connects up to the Bible story as a whole. I’m also planning to spend some time journalling my every day movements, just as an experiment to see how it goes in remembering details, and also in an attempt to be more organised.

Overall, I’m looking forward to this year, and hope that there are many happy memories for me to share at the end of this year.

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