Well, Liesl and I have arrived in Melbourne, and are slowly settling in, and realising that this is our home now. We’re staying at an Aunt’s place until Tuesday, so it still feels a bit like a holiday. However, we have done some things that make staying here very much a reality.
For example, one of the first things we did in Melbourne was to search for a new car. We sold our car in Perth, because we had a two door Hyundai Getz, and two door cars aren’t great when you’ve got a baby.

So, Friday we went out looking at cars, and at our second dealership, found a car that was a good buy. It’s a 1994 Holden Berlina, so its a lot larger than any car I’m used to. It’s also got many features that I’ve never had in a car before – for example, electric mirrors and windows, climate control, remote locking… It is a car with a much larger engine, but we won’t be driving it much during college, so hopefully it shouldn’t ne too much of an issue.

We had a good farewell from Perth. Sunday we had our last meeting at Floreat, with a divisional farewell as well. On Monday, our gear got picked up. I’ve had to pack my instruments to get them over, so I’m hoping that they arrive safely and undamaged.
Tuesday, we said farewell to many of our friends, with a dinner at Hillarys. It was great to catch up with them one last time before heading to college.
Wednesday, we had dinner with Liesl’s family, which was again a wonderful way to spend our last night in Perth. Family is a wonderful thing, and to spend our last night with them was a very special thing.

So we’re slowly growing accustomed to Melbourne, it has been a bit chilly the last couple of days, but we’re still looking forward to the challenges that college presents.

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