Brighten (and organise) your Google Calendar!

My Colourful calendar

I’ve been in orientation this week for my course, and one of the lectures has been on time management. I’m really wanting to make sure I get organised and ensure that I make good use of my time (especially as there is often limited time), so I’m wanting to make full use of the resources available to me.

I’ve been using Google Calendar for a while now, which is especially awesome as it now sync’s with my phone. However, with everything looking the same, I longed for the ability to look at my week and quickly glance what was class time, what was study time, when assignments were due, and – importantly – when my “personal” time was – the time where I could go and practice my violin, play a game on my computer, or squeeze in a round of golf.

My Colourful calendar

I discovered that this was able through the ability to colour your events in Google Calendar. This was a fairly recent, but welcome, addition to the Google Calendar, and will quickly allow me to see what my week looks like. However, You are not able to edit the colours, or to apply labels to your colours so you know what each colour is to be used for.

I played around a bit, and then worked out a solution – the tasks bar!

My Colour categories

The tasks bar is always open, and always there, no matter what screen you’re looking at in Google Calendar. So what I did was create a new list – called Colour Guide – and created a “task” for each colour, and what I want it to be used for. So as you can see, Red is for Classes, Blue is for Meetings, Grey is for House Duties (cleaning the college), Orange for prayer and devotions – and so on.

Then I applied the colours for each appointment or event. I started out going into each event and picking the colours out from the selection below the event details – as in the picture on the right. It was only half way through that I discovered a far easier way.

Clicking on any event will bring up more details, showing time and where, and some other details. However, what I didn’t realise was that clicking on the arrow to the left of the event title will allow you to change colour. This way you don’t have to go into the new screen to edit the event details, you can get this done a lot quicker.

So there you go – go colourise your Google Calendar, using a new Tasks list to help remind you of the categories you’ve set.

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