An open letter to our new Prime Minister

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16)
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16) (Photo credit: Troy Constable Photography™)

Dear Mr Abbott,
Firstly, congratulations on being elected our latest national leader. You ran a very professional campaign, and defeated an opposition who was trying hard not to implode, whilst trying to destroy themselves at the same time.

So you are now the elected official to lead our country into the next three years. And while I didn’t personally vote for you, and I don’t agree with many of your policies, I thought that I would share some advice from myself, of things I would like to see as the hallmarks of your time as prime minister.

Probably the largest and most important thing is to maintain contact with the people. Whether it’s talk back radio like John Howard, Sunrise like Kevin Rudd, or Q and A, providing a forum for people to talk to you is important to keeping on the heart beat of the nation. Maybe you could be ultra progressive, and host regular online chat forums, ala the one Kevin Rudd did with GetUp! just prior to the election.

Secondly, and related, for any policy you make, don’t forget the forgotten people. If a policy damages someone that can’t afford to look elsewhere for that issue, then is it really worth doing? For example – not that you’re planning this, but if you were to remove Medicare, there would be millions of people that would not be able to afford a suitable level of healthcare. If at the end of your term you’re able to state that the most marginalised and forgotten of society are no worse off than when you began, then you won’t be the worst prime minister ever.

Finally, one of the main issues for me at this election – asylum seekers. Now, I know that I’m unlikely to change your stance on how to”stop the boats”, given that you claim that they will be stopped within three months, but given that stance, I would encourage you to visit both Manus island and Nauru within the first three months to see first hand what is happening there. And don’t make it a brief visit either. Spend a day there, sitting with the asylum seekers, hearing their stories, and hearing what is and isn’t working in the camps.

So there are three things that I would hope you can incorporate into your plans as prime minister. If you happen to read this, I would love to hear your thoughts on what I have said, so hit up the comments below.

Oh, and one final piece of advice – engage your brain before you speak. You are, after all, Mr Prime Minister,

Yours sincerely,

Ben Clapton

5 thoughts on “An open letter to our new Prime Minister”

  1. I’d hardly call the running of his campaign professional.

    Making statements about his candidates having sex appeal, and using his own definition of Jesus Christs intentions to justify asylum seekers policies that are inhumane and lack compassion.

    I am extremely concerned about the plight of our country’s most vulnerable under liberal leadership.

    Very well expressed post. Thanks for sharing.

    Miss Lou

    1. I was using his own language, where he called the campaign the most professional the liberal party had ever run. I think it’s more a reference to how Tony didn’t say anything so bad that it lost them the election – though he did try…

      1. LOL.. Granted now that I read it from that perspective I am feeling rather amused.

        *tongue in cheek*

        Thanks for taking the time out to respond 🙂

        Miss Lou

    2. you talk ***
      dont forget we kicked these little *** out of timor not too long ago i bet u cant remember why we did that

      (Note: Edited by Ben. Please do not use profanities in your comments.)

      1. Hi Tony,
        I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about here. My original post was concerning three things that I would like to see out of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s term as leader of Australia. The only thing that I can see roughly related to your comment is my comments about Asylum Seekers – however that has nothing to do with Timor Leste. If you would care to elaborate, I would be happy to engage and reply.

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