Packing and moving

We got back into classes today, with our first distinctive being a meeting with Kent, the company that moves all the Salvation Army officers each year. Today was just an initial meeting, as well as delivering some boxes.
I also had rehearsal for the praise and worship band, and my final Greek exam. I’ve now finished all my assessments for the year.

Packing is something that I’ll now be focusing on more. It’s something that as an officer, you’ll do fairly often, but at the moment I haven’t had a lot of experience in, so I’m still working out what I can pack already, and what’s the best way to pack it.

So, if you’ve done some moving in your life, what are some of you packing and moving tips?


  1. Hope your packing is going well? One tip I have (and it may well be useless now because you are all done) is to make sure you are not moving rubbish! Big clean out and get rid of anything you do not need so that you are not moving it into your new place and taking up space eh!

    Congratulations on the completion of all your assessments for the year! I hope the results are positive 😀

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