Asylum seekers: at least no more lives are being lost at sea

Enough. There IS a better way. Well written article, sums up the situation perfectly.


african women desperately waiting for help There.  I said it.

Yes, we’re hearing reports of people traumatised by lack of access to drinking water, injured in riots, held in detention with nothing to do and little hope of a future reunited with their families.

And yes, I’ve seen the graphic novel on the Immigration Department website – the one depicting despairing young men cowering under the shadow of the Australian military.  I’ve seen the pictures that reveal a trip to Australia by boat to be a ticket to a world of suffering.  We look menacing.  We look cruel.

It’s pretty awful.  I don’t deny it.  BUT IT IS WORKING.  The boats are stopping.  The message is getting through.

No more lives are being lost at sea and surely that makes the tough measures worthwhile.  Because sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

This is the message that’s out there in the Australian community, shadowy…

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