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Manus Island 2013 – my experiences, pt 15

In 2013, myself and 5 other cadets from Catherine Booth College, along with three staff, went to Manus Island, PNG, as part of our training, to work as part of The Salvation Army’s Humanitarian team working in the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre. Four years on, I’ve decided to share my diary from that experience. Names have been changed, and I acknowledge that the centre has changed a lot since then, but it is my hope that this will share a bit of light into how our government is treating Asylum Seekers.
20 February 2013. 15 Days to home.

Day off today. Started off with a bit of a walk with S and N around Lombrum. There’s some wonderful scenery around here, and the old army base provides some interesting photos. I didn’t get everywhere I wanted, but I will have more days off to explore further.

This afternoon was spent reading and watching Star Trek. I also had a chat with G about NT Greek. I realised that I really needed to have been doing more while here, as I’ve missed my opportunity to have G help me. As such, I’m on my own now, so I’ll be spending an hour a day to try and get my head around it.

Talked with Liesl tonight on Facebook. She’s doing well – didn’t hear about Annabelle. It’s tough over Facebook, especially with such little time.

Mentally – great. Feeling refreshed after a day off. Night shift for the next two days, then I get to Facetime Liesl and Annabelle.

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