Driving across the Nullabor

In March, my family moved from a little country Victorian town called Rochester , and headed home to Perth. As part of the move, I drove the 3,333km with my Dad and I decided to film it on my GoPro on Hyperlapse (30x). And then when I started editing, I decided to write some music to go with it.

First is a bit of dabbling at creating some atmospheric music. I’ve titled it Head of the Bite.
Next is a solo piano work I composed titled Nullabor. 0:22:30
Finally, I found an old song from the 1920s called At the End of the Road, by James F. Hanley and Ballard Macdonald. I recorded it, changed it from being about Indiana to being about West Australia, and there we go. 0:36:00
I still had a bit of time, so the video finishes with a bit more of Head of the Bite.

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