I love being musical. I love playing on my violin. I love playing on the guitar. I also love singing. Having been a part of churches my whole life, there is something wonderful when people get together and sing.

Photo by Blue Ox Studio on Pexels.com

Nick Stewart of Bath University performed some research that indicated that people who participate in a choir enjoy a greater feeling of togetherness than others involved in different social activities, such as team sports. Part of this I feel comes from some research performed by University of Gothenburg researchers who discovered that members of a choir saw their heart rates beat in unison in relation to the speed of their breathing.

You see, when we sing together, we have to breath in the same spots. It helps our hearts sync up. It allows the strengthening of emotions and communication, and empowers co-operation.

Churches may not have known this, but they certainly experienced it over the years. It is why being a part of a church community is so powerful – when you sing together, you are like family. And you have people who have been singing together every week for years and years.

This year, 2020, has been a hell of a year. Between the fires and the pandemic, the #blacklivesmatter movement and continuous terrorist threats, we need to come together in a way that only singing can. Which is why I am so excited about ABC Classic FM’s Classic Choir project.

Classic FM have decided that we need to bring Australia – and the world – together, and as such they’ve commissioned Yorta Yorta woman Deborah Cheetham to compose a brand new carol, and they need a choir to bring it to life.

There are online rehearsals and warm ups to help you get ready to record yourself, and join in with a nation wide choir singing this wonderful new carol.

I’ll be signing up – I hope to see you there as well!

“I need no gift beneath the Christmas tree this year. Christmas with you is all I truly need my dear.”

— “Christmas With You”, Deborah Cheetham AO

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

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