Rieding Concerto in B Minor

Composed by German Composer Oskar Rieding (1840-1918) and first published in 1909, this concertino which stays completely in first position has become a staple of the beginner violin repertoire. While it isn’t performed regularly, it is often the first concerto a student will learn. The Rieding Concerto in B Minor is an ideal piece for… Continue reading Rieding Concerto in B Minor

Czardas – Monti

Composed by Italian composor Vittorio Monti (1868-1922) in 1904, Csárdás was originally written for violin, mandolin or piano, and runs for about four and a half minutes. Written in seven different sections, it alternates tempo and occasionally key to add interest and excitement. Get your copy of Monti’s Czardas from Amazon:

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