Top 5 Violin Showpieces

Violin show pieces are the pieces which are at the limit of violin technique. They are difficult, flashy, and impressive. Here’s my list of the top 10 violin showpieces. Paganini – Caprice 24 Paganini’s 24 Caprices are some of the most difficult for the violin, and being able to play any of them is a …

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A minimalist piano piece inspired by a road trip across the Nullabor, the stretch of road between Adelaide and Perth in Australia. After an interrupted start, it expands into a molto perpetuo that depicts the continuous movement as you drive across this large continent. It expands, and changes in style, yet there is familiarity through …

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Under Construction

This album is free to download, however I encourage you to make a donation to CARAD at CARAD is the Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees, and do incredible work on a limited budget. As this album speaks about loving others, I encourage you to share the love of others, by donating to this …

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What U2 can teach Worship Leaders

I’ve just finished watching U2’s 360 Tour DVD, recorded at the Rose Bowl in California. It’s an incredible show, well worth watching. I love U2, and think that they might possibly be the world’s largest Christian band that isn’t a Christian band. Many of their songs draw from Christian spirituality, but do so in a …

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The Stations of the Cross

Introducing “Stations of the Cross,” a powerful and moving composition for string quartet and narration. This piece explores the biblical text of the 14 stations of the cross through four movements, creating a unique and meaningful musical experience. Perfect for Lenten and Holy Week services, this composition combines the emotional depth and expressiveness of a string quartet with the added dimension of narration. The result is a deeply moving and reflective work that will leave a lasting impact on your listeners. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the powerful story of the Stations of the Cross to life through music. Purchase “Stations of the Cross (String Quartet and Narration)” today!

Removing the Barriers – Creating Inclusive worship for the new person

In class the other day, we were talking about how our language – and more specifically our accent – can sometimes form a barrier that can prevent people from fully engaging in worship. Two of the main points was that Australian’s have an accent, we just don’t acknowledge it and as such we don’t make …

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10 Things You Should Do BEFORE Your Child Begins Piano Lessons (via Elissa Milne)

Great post. Mainly reblogging this so that I’ve got a memory of this so that I can convert this to a violin post soon. Stay tuned. I promise I’ll get back into blogging soon. Really I will. When it gets less busy. Like October. Or maybe next year. Or the year after… surely there must …

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Christian Music Sucks! (well, some of it)

I was thinking the other day. Liesl tells me that it’s never a good idea. But I was thinking that there’s a lot of really bad music out there, and a lot of it is Christian music. Take this video for an example: [youtube=] Take a real good listen to those lyrics. “He is like …

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