Pachelbel’s Canon in D for Solo Violin


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Pachelbel’s Canon in D is one of the most popular pieces of classical music in the world. Written for three violins and basso continuo (accompaniment and bass line), it is often performed by a string quartet at weddings. However, often a violinist will be asked to perform this piece solo. The issue comes up – how can one player perform a work designed for three?

Often, they will just play one line. But the beauty of Pachelbel’s writing is that he writes the canon in such a way that when one player has the melody, another has an accompanying passage. When you just play one part as written, you have bars of pure accompaniment that isn’t overly interesting.

So I arranged this canon for solo violin. It is much adapted and abridged and makes use of double stops to make the illusion of multiple voices in some parts.

This arrangement is © 2006 Ben Clapton. However, I give permission for this piece to be performed anywhere in the world, for whatever purpose (busking, weddings, etc.) on the sole condition that I be notified by email to or as a comment as to the location (City, Country) that it will be performed in.

This arrangement has been performed all over the world, including in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

This arrangement is available for free.


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