The importance of language

I’ve been reading Jim Wallis’ book, The Soul of Politics, and I got to one section and it really struck me how much it related to a recent change in tack in how the Australian Government treats Asylum Seekers. It’s from a section dealing with the inequality between gender, and Wallis tells a story from a… Continue reading The importance of language

A shameful day… but what else?

Yesterday, Kevin Rudd announced his new asylum seeker policy, which included as a major point the change that no asylum seeker arriving by boat would be settled in Australia, but instead they would be sent to Papua New Guinea, processed by the PNG Government, and settled in PNG. Another announcement today saw an announcement that… Continue reading A shameful day… but what else?

Malaysia deal amounts to “arbitary and unlawful detention”

The ABC is reporting that the United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has warned the Australian Government that the Malaysian refugee swap deal may result to “arbitrary and unlawful detention under international law.” Australia is saying they will go ahead with the deal anyway, and are currently looking for a third country to take… Continue reading Malaysia deal amounts to “arbitary and unlawful detention”