Letter to Mr Damian Drum, Federal Member for Murray

To Mr Drum, I am writing to you this evening regarding Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement today that any Asylum Seeker who arrived by boat after mid-2013 would be permanently banned from entering Australia (As reported by ABC News). I am horrified by this announcement. There are so many things wrong with this it makes… Continue reading Letter to Mr Damian Drum, Federal Member for Murray

Prayer for Asylum Seekers

In Australia, Asylum Seekers has been a major, divisive issue for a long time. Just recently, following a High Court appeal, Churches around Australia are offering sancturary to Asylum Seekers living in the community, offering them protection from being deported to the regional processing centres in Nauru and Manus Island (Papua New Guinea). In response,… Continue reading Prayer for Asylum Seekers

Power to the Powerless

Praying inside Senator Bushby's office

It’s December 1st, 1955. A sensibly dressed woman in her forties gets on a bus in the early evening. Despite having spent all day bent over an ironing board in the basement tailor shop at Montgomery Fair department store, she carries her swollen feet and aching shoulders erectly. She sits in the first row of… Continue reading Power to the Powerless

Reforming Society (Vision and Mission Part 5)

This is part five and the final part in my Vision and Mission sermons at The Salvation Army Devonport. View all of the sermons here. The reading for today was Luke 4:14-30. What will you fight for? This speech is one of the most famous quotes of The Salvation Army, and has served for years as… Continue reading Reforming Society (Vision and Mission Part 5)

An open letter to our new Prime Minister

Dear Mr Abbott, Firstly, congratulations on being elected our latest national leader. You ran a very professional campaign, and defeated an opposition who was trying hard not to implode, whilst trying to destroy themselves at the same time. So you are now the elected official to lead our country into the next three years. And… Continue reading An open letter to our new Prime Minister

What now for asylum seekers?

A couple of nights ago, I attended an event that looked at the issue of asylum seekers, and where to now. The event was very well attended – they were expecting about 30 people, but instead had about 100. One of the big things I took out of this was an understanding of the two… Continue reading What now for asylum seekers?

Advance Australia Fair? (part 3)

In the little sung second verse of the Australian National Anthem, we find the words, For those who come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share. However, despite this being part of our national anthem, part of the words that we claim to aspire towards, there is significant evidence that as a nation we… Continue reading Advance Australia Fair? (part 3)

A call for a humane Asylum Seeker Policy

There’s lots of talk at the moment about Asylum Seekers, as both political parties released policies to “stop the boats” of asylum seekers, and how they are treated. Both of the policies include mandatory detention, locking up asylum seekers while their claims are processed. While I can understand why this is necessary to ensure security,… Continue reading A call for a humane Asylum Seeker Policy